Visit Pompeii from Rome : vacation ideas

Visit Pompeii from Rome is a good idea if your stay in the capital includes several days. After having admired all the main attractions of the Eternal City, a visit to the excavations of Pompeii in fact, will allow you to complete your full immersion in the world of ancient Rome.

Wandering around the streets, houses, and buildings that the lava of Vesuvius froze over time will allow you to get to know what the life, customs, and food habits of the Romans were in the 1st century AD.

Traveling from Rome to Pompeii for a day trip, can act as a time machine, transporting you from a bustling city to a landscape frozen in the past.

We all know the story of the Roman city swallowed by the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79, but to see the frozen figure ofPompeiicoming to life after a short transfer from the capital is a truly unforgettable experience. It will be a fascinating journey back in time.

Since the excavations of Pompeii are the second most visited attraction in Italy (after the Colosseum), the lines at the entrance are always long. We, therefore, advise you to get the online tickets.

Discovering Pompeii 

Today a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Pompeii was once a fully functioning and thriving area with approximately 20,000 inhabitants. A trip through its perfectly preserved ruins is enough behind-the-scenes access to the daily life of those who live within the Roman Empire.

Touring the plastered remains of houses, brothels, amphitheaters, temples, and corps with an expert local guide can bring the stories of each individual and building to life. Simply reading the startling sights is one thing, but understanding the context behind the damage done to Pompeii puts the story in a visitor’s mind for eternity.

A stone’s throw from Rome

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Nestled close to Naples, Pompeii is a short excursion from The Eternal City – and one that can be done comfortably in a day.

Just an hour and a half along the coast, crossing Campania, a trip to Pompeii and the surrounding landscape offers an extraordinary paradox. Placing the once bustling but now frozen city against the breathtaking modern cities that hug the coast creates an enduring contrast between the different eras of this piece of the beautiful country.

The population was covered in ashes despite attempts to survive. Ashes and cinders covered and preserved each scene exactly as it was at that moment. The visit allows you to get to know how the ancient Romans lived in the city through the perfectly preserved paved streets, the frescoed houses, shops, and taverns along the streets, painted slogans, and graffiti engraved on the walls.

Visit Vesuvius and Pompeii from Rome

The Vesuvius National Park is unique for geological and historical fans. It covers over 8,000 hectares and was established in 1995 to safeguard the values ​​of the territory and Vesuvius itself, with the aim of creating perfect integration between man and the environment and promoting environmental education activities. 13 municipalities are part of it, all located in the province of Naples. If you are wondering why it is worth visiting the Vesuvius National Park, start from the mountain, the sea, and the volcano. Add the many species of plants and animals, the history of the countries, and their traditions. Think of the naturalistic riches and breathtaking landscapes that make the Vesuvius area one of the most fascinating places. Now you just have to pack your suitcase and discover how to reach Positano from Rome in the most comfortable way