Visit Italy in the off season: the Amalfi Coast

Are you planning a tour to the Amalfi Coast in winter? It can be a real good period of the year to come but if you want to visit Positano, Amalfi, Ravello and the other gems of the Coast in this period, there is something you have to know!

First of all, when is the off season on the Amalfi Coast? The off season is considered to be from the end of October to April, except for Easter time.

Then, what should you expect in the off season? If you have the summer scenes with sunbathing on the beach in your mind, boat tours along the coast and drinks around the pool, the winter is not such a good time.

But there is something you may consider. First, beaches and sea are not the main asset of this land: the coastline is basically rocky and the beaches are not too large and in summer they can be very crowded. Second, during the high season you will find huge crowds of tourists and higher prices. Of course, you can find places where to be quite away confusion, but the majority of sights will be probably very packed.

In winter time, you don’t have to deal with that. Yes, the weather will not be hot enough for sunbathing, but is very mild with average temperatures between 40°F and 55°F, from December to February. It can be a little more rainy than usual, but you can find a lot of sunny days, too.

As many tourists come in spring, summer and fall, some restaurants and hotels can be closed but you can avoid any problem by getting information before to leave from home.

So, if you are not inclined to lie on a beach or a boat there are plenty of activities to plan in the Amalfi Coast in winter: trekking paths, archaeological sites, tours around the picturesque villages of the coast, breathtaking strolls… You can write a list of sights to see before to come. And in case the weather is particularly chilly or rainy, take your umbrella and leave to discover the town of Naples and Salerno, with their stunning monuments and museums!