Transfer from Naples to Positano: how to move around

Italian holidays in South Italy: plan a transfer from Naples to Positano

Your Italian holidays are officially going to start! Have you everything packed up? Italy allows you to lose into its timeless charm, and Amalfi Coast is definitely one-a-kind place to do so. Naples and Positano are sure the destinations you cannot avoid visiting during your stay and a transfer from Naples to Positano can be an even better experience than you expected.

Reaching Positano from Naples

South Italy and Amalfi Coast have a lot to offer but you need to organize everything to get the best from the time you have. The risk is to get stuck in endless queues, trying to get tickets for transportation or parking for your car. Naples isn’t too far from Positano but the curvy road that connects them is narrow and not easy to drive on for those who are not familiar with the area.

Sure, the drive on this street – as difficult it may be – it’s amazing: looking at all the incredible scenarios you’ll pass through will be a totally fulfilling experience.

Concerning the parking, there are not so many free parking areas along the Coast and sometimes parking the car can be pretty expensive!

Wouldn’t it be better to relax and put yourself in a proper vacation mood? You can make a better use of your Italian Days!

After all we said you might think that the car in Positano is a bad idea, that’s not properly true: public buses and trains are not always on time during the high season and a car is probably the best way to move around.

What about enjoying just the ride in a beautiful luxury car with a professional driver who takes you wherever you want? No waiting, no changes, no luggage to worry about… Just comfort and relax!

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