How to get from Naples to Positano

When you think to visit Positano, maybe you could be afraid of its distance from Naples. But, basically, Naples it’s not too far from Positano. This pretty little town is located in the municipality of Salerno, less than 60 km south of Naples. When you need to reach Positano or the Amalfi Coast, the problem is not concerning the distance. It’s about the road and the traffic. Apart from the problem of parking! Let’s consider these things one by one.

Traffic and parking on the Amalfi Coast: try to stay calm…

We’ve just said that you will not have to worry about the kilometres you have to do going to Positano. Less than 60 km (a little more than 37 miles) could be done in half an hour on the highway! As the coast is rocky and overlooking the sea, the road to get the Amalfi Coast is just one. It’ s panoramic and really stunning: it’ll leave you breathless! But… it’s just one, it’s a curvy road and, definitively, it could not be a highway!
Also, if you are thinking to get by your own car on the Amalfi Coast, you have to consider the traffic problems. A curvy road overlooking the sea with a great line of cars and buses… wonderful, of course! Considering that this a densely populated area with a lot of visitors and tourists all over the year, it’s not so strange to have traffic! Obviously, it isn’t nice for anyone to spend time waiting stuck in thetraffic. On public holidays, during the summer or around Christmas, the traffic is going to be more intense and stressful. So, as often happens, when you could get to the Coast because of a public holiday or few days off, it will be crowded and full of cars.
Then, let’s come to last issue: the parking search!
Concerning the parking, you have to keep in mind that there are no so many free parking areas along the Coast and that most parts of street car-parking are reserved for resident, of course. Furthermore, the parking areas are located far enough to cities centres and the rates are expensive, anyway: it’s difficult to get a lower the 5 euro per hour rate.
So, the best way to get to Positano it’s not by your own car! But, unfortunately, there is no direct public transport between Naples and Positano.
Still, there are different possibilities by public transport or by a private transfer.
Let’s analyse them.

Public transport to Positano

The main connection cores to the Amalfi Coast, are Naples, Sorrento and Salerno. The primary public transportation from these locations is buses. During the summer, there are also ferries and hydrofoils available¬†and they can be combined with a bus. Another way of getting to Positano, it’s by train but the only train station of the Coast is Vietri Sul Mare. There aren’t other railway stations along the coast. So you can go from Naples to Sorrento or Salerno and then change to get a direct bus to Positano or the other tows of the Coast.

After all the things we’ve just said, we have to add one more: the best way to get to Positano is by car! No, it isn’t a contradiction: we don’t mean your own car but a comfortable car with a private driver! No waitings, no change, no luggage… no stress!
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