The Amalfi Drive: a peak of emotions

The formally named Strada Statale 163 refers to the stretch of road that runs along the Amalfi Coast between Sorrento and Amalfi itself. Originally built by the Romans constitutes nowadays one of the most visited tourist spot in Italy and in the world. The UNESCO deemed this shoreline “an outstanding example of Mediterranean landscape, with exceptional cultural and natural scenic values”. But let’s get into it properly.

The route itself

The most relevant and attractive feature of this road is the spectacle offered: towering bluffs landscapes, luxuriant gardens, villages perched on the green-swathed hillsides, amazing vistas over turquoise, light blue water and the winding asphalt road that scrambles over the shoreline. If you’re wondering whether this road is therefore challenging or not, then the answer is surely yes: it’s definitely a driver tester one, and you’d better be a reliable and skillful one because no mistakes are allowed over here, unless you don’t have a jet propeller in the rear part of your vehicle so that you can takeoff. That’s why we strongly suggest you to hire an expert, professional driver in order also to better enjoy the landscapes and the stunning views along the way. This popular road starts from Sorrento and ends in Salerno, the second biggest city in the region of Campania and all the locals recommend to travel over here during the shoulder season from the middle of September to October and mid-April to May. During summertime, flocks of tourists and sunseekers arrive from all over and it gets everything really congested and crowded.

The cities

Just to briefly mention the main urban spots along the coast, you begin the road tour from Salerno, you will get first to Maiori and Minori, the two peripheral towns of the Costiera, than you will proceed until arriving in Amalfi, the famous spot after which is named the whole shoreline. From here you can both decide to head up and drive to Ravello that, with its fabulous villas, is considered one of the most charming and romantic town in Southern Italy and, continuing, you’ll pass through the gems of Praiano and Positano, and eventually you’ll get to Sorrento, the birthplace of the worldwide known digestif, the Limoncello (among many others attractions!).