Taxi from Naples to Positano

Having a vacation in the Amalfi Coast and Naples is a remarkable experience. No wonder why tourists from all over the world come to these areas each year! Naples offers an incredible heritage of monuments and cultural activities all over the year, and in summer it allows bathing in the crystal blue Mediterranean sea. Positano on the other side is a quieter place where small handicraft shops and the characteristic landscapes create a peerless suggestion in visitors. To experience the best of both without stressing out, it’s recommended to book in advance a taxi from Naples to Positano.

Best of Positano

Among the unmissable experiences to have in Positano the first would be… Strolling around! The city boasts incredible spots at each corner, so even walking around can be an astounding travel experience.

Visit Positano’s art galleries: you might not know it but Positano has plenty of fine art galleries. You can get to see the best of Modern & Contemporary Art! The galleries in Positano are impressive and you’ll get the chance to see (and maybe buy) pieces from the remarkable international artists.

Visit Santa Maria Church: one of the symbols of Positano. Amazing on the inside just as it is on the outside.

Get tan, eat fantastic Italian food and try Lemon Sorbetto! Relax and good food are the pillars of staying in Positano!

Best of Naples

Naples has an incredible cultural background. The Naples National Archaeological Museum is one of the finest in the world. It features foundings from Herculaneum and Pompeii and many other testimonies of the ancient times.

Among the things you cannot miss visiting in Positano there are the San Gennaro Catacombs, Castel Nuovo and Castel dell’Ovo. The marvelous residences of kings and noble families that continue standing fiercely as symbols of the city.

Taxi from Naples to Positano

These two cities share a unique charm and fascination. The best way to see both of them and having a hasslefree vacation is to rely on experienced tourist services that can help you make your dreams real without bad surprises. Positano Car Service offers taxi from Naples to Positano that are highly recommended by tourists for their comfort, safety, and affordable prices.

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