Seaview restaurants in Amalfi and Sorrento

If you are looking for the perfect combination of high level cuisine and breathtaking emotions you can find a lot of places along Amalfi Coast, Naples and Sorrento bay that will amaze you! This area offers many seaview restaurants that are highly ranked and are among the top Italian Restaurant. Here you have some examples of the best seaview restaurants in Campania region to have a perfect experience of taste, without giving up on the emotional face of your Italian stay.

Best restaurants with view in Campania region

Countless tourists come here and literally fall in love with the Italian food: fresh seafood and the Italian touch combined with the crystal sea and the Mount Vesuvius overlooking it are the perfect match. Try to believe.

Seaview Restaurants in Sorrento

Bellevue Syrene

Located in Sorrento, Bellevue Syrene is a five star hotel also known for the excellence of its cuisine: a mix of traditional taste and innovation to savor in a terrace dominating the Gulf of Naples with the Mount Vesuvius on the background.

Vesuvio Roof Restaurant

The Vesuvio Roof Restaurant is a panoramic seaview restaurant in the Hotel Mediterraneo. Famous for the local fresh food served in a stylish way and known for the quality of its service, the Vesuvio Roof Restaurant offers many gluten free, vegetarian and vegan choices.

Seaview Restaurant in Amalfi

Marina Grande Restaurant

The Marina Grande restaurant is located few steps from the sea in a particularly evocative location. The restaurant allows to have lunches and dinners close to the sea, in a terrace that has few equals along the Amalfi Coast. Marina Grande restaurant is appreciated expecially fot the sea food, but offers many choices. It is also possible to choose tasting menus to be sure of not missing any special dish! One more thing: this place is featured in the Michelin Guide.

Lido Azzurro Restaurant

Lido Azzurro Restaurant overlooks the picturesque and picturesque port of Amalfi. Sea ​​recipes with an ancient flavor, skillfully revisited in a modern way; the careful selection of raw materials, strictly local, and the choice of the best catch of the day.

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