Ravello Festival 2019

Appointment with art: Ravello Festival

Ravello Festival 2019 is one of the most loved event taking place in Amalfi Coast. An unmissable appointment where all forms of art meet: the best dance ballet from all over the world, refined musicians and the most appreciated orchestras. All is framed in a spectacular natural and architectural landscape.

Villa Rufolo is one of the best setting of Amalfi Coast. The stunning stage performance settled for the festival is located on top of a cliff overlooking the sea. It’s a show in the show!

Art on scene: Ravello Festival 2019

This year the program is rich and full of incredible appointments with the best artists of the world scene.

As each year the event will embrace more than one month and, actually, more than one season. Going from spring to autumn, the Ravello Festival 2019 started on April 17th and will end on October 20th.

Orchestra Italia” gives a tribute to the compositors and the orchestras of the Bel Paese, always firmly on the top of the musical classic scenario.

Le note di Sigilgaita” is another section of the Ravello Festival, that will take part in Ravello Cathedral where the marble bust of the aristocratic Lady Rufolo is kept. A copy of that used with digital animation accompany visitors in the Tower of the Villa, creating a very suggestive atmosphere.

A great news that follows what arranged even last year, is the opportunity given to music student of Campania to perform on Ravello stage. Another great goal of Ravello Festival: unify education and profession. This section, greatly expected, is called after one of the top pieces of movie art “La meglio gioventù“.

It’s hard to explain how much spectacular the Festival can be. Let’s just say that last year, on occasion of the ballet exhibition by Svetlana Zakharova the standing ovation of the public lasted more than 5 minutes. In a suggestive atmosphere the emotion rose incredibly high, so if you are planning to visit the Amalfi Coast you should definitely visit Ravello and enjoy some magic of the Ravello Festival 2019.

Ravello Festival