Visit Ravello: car service and Amalfi Coast tour to enjoy your holiday

Summer is coming and this year you finally managed to arrange your holiday at the discovery of the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Well there’s something you should know about!

Ravello, land of art

Of all the little towns you could find along the coast, there’s something peculiar about Ravello. Located in the hillside of the mountain upon the sea level, this land over the years attracted loving artists from all over the world; visual artists, musicians and writers discovered in Ravello a unique place where to find peace and inspiration. Many and many artists gave birth to their masterpieces in this enchanted slice of land. It provided inspiration to André Gide, one of the giant of French Literature and Giovanni Boccaccio, one of the voices of the Italian Renaissance, raved about Ravello in his Decameron.

Ravello is as well a land where music always found a glorious expression. Ravello is for sure named for its classical and jazz concerts, given especially during the annual Ravello Festival that takes place each year in summer. We are talking about one of the oldest Italian festivals, arriving at his 65th edition this year.

Hanging out in Ravello narrow streets is such an evocative experience! The ancient stones’ pathways guard always some natural or historical beauty.  Walking around enjoying the Italian weather sounds like a thrilling experience to live.

If you plan to go to Ravello this year  you definitely have to explore Neapolitan cuisine (put pizza on top of your list!), some of the finest restaurants can be found at the high end hotels, served with stunning views of the Amalfi Coast or the valley that separates Ravello from Scala. Enjoy pasta dishes and the local wines.

How to move to Ravello

As great part of all the destinations in this slice of land, it’s not properly easy to move around, as is not easy even reach Ravello. If you are coming from Sorrento, you’ll have first to reach Amalfi, same thing if you are coming from Positano. Sad news, it’s a pretty difficult trip even from Naples! Public transports have strict time limitations and it’s easy, in summer time, to cannot take a bus because too crowded. No night routes and no easy excess to all the amazing beauties hidden in Ravello. Taking a car is definitely the best way to explore these areas, ask someone who was in Ravello already, he will for sure agrees!

Lucky you, we offer many different solutions to allow everybody to visit Ravello in the best way possible. You can choose for example to rent a complete tour of about 8 hours to explore Ravello and the Amalfi coast; we provide organized day trips that are always fully appreciated by our customers. One of our drivers will come to pick you up and guide you safely across the serpentine routes of the coast. In the tour deal you’ll have not just one expert driver but a guide that will explain to you what this place is about and what you should know to about its geography, culture and history.

If you prefer to explore the city by yourself, bear in mind that we offer transfer service.

You can visit Ravello following your instinct but you won’t have to worry about driving on streets that are actually pretty difficult to drive on. Leave this task to professionals so that you can focus on what really matters: spending your holidays discovering a wonderful place, enjoying its food, admiring the art of its ceramics and losing yourself in its stunning gardens.

Give a look to all the available deals, make your choice and let us know which is the service you prefer!

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