Private car from Naples to Positano: moving in comfort!

According to many people, travel’s money is the part of the family budget spent in the best way! Obviously, we can only agree! The journey itself is inebriating and rejuvenating. Curiosity gives us an extra energy to be able to visit most of what we have planned and live as many moments as possible that will remain as unforgettable memories! One thing, however, can become a bad memory: the waiting times between the various travel’s moves. Public transport can also become a nightmare made of endless expectations, crowd, hot, traffic, you name it! Obviously, it doesn’t necessarily have to go this way but it can happen, and if we can accept these inconveniences in our day-to-day business, we absolutely don’t want them during our well deserved Italian holidays! The time we can spend on holidays is usually limited and so we to don’t want to waste it. Also, the beautiful and suggestive roads to reach the Amalfi Coast and Positano are full of curves. The most comfortable solution to visit the Amalfi Coast is, therefore, the car. Of course, going by your own car, you, however, have the commitment of the guide and, being tired of travelling, of all the travel’s moves and the jet lag, you may not enjoy the spectacular views of the Coast.

Choose a private car from Naples to Positano…

At the end of this short analysis, we have to say that all the ways are good for visiting the Amalfi Coast and that, in any case, your eyes will be filled with astonishing wonders impossible to forget. But we prefer to suggest to rent a private car with a driver from Naples to Positano. In this way, you will have nothing to worry about, unless admiring the landscape. Our English speaking drivers are all highly qualified. They can perfectly give you tips and advice about your area and your vacation. Not surprisingly, our guests have the usual habit of taking photos with their drivers after having made a fun ride with them in a vehicle with all the comforts.

…and choose your vehicle!

Our fleet is made up of last-generation vehicles of various sizes. You can comfortably travel both alone and with family and friends. Luggage will obviously not be your problem. Appointment schedules will be agreed upon on your personal commitments and as a result, you will not have problems managing the schedules of your flights or your trains or buses. Keep in mind that the distance separating Naples from Positano is just under 60 km and that car takes about an hour and a half to cover them. You can consider this solution even if you are based in Rome and want to spend a day visiting the Amalfi Coast. From Naples to Rome there are high-speed trains that take only one hour!

What are you waiting for, then? Book now your private car from Naples to Positano and enjoy all our comforts!