How to get from Positano to Pompeii

Amazing Amalfi Coast from Positano to Pompeii

You cannot dream of a trip to Italy without visiting Amalfi Coast: these evocative places have always captured the heart of those who observe them closely, because these places are the most spectacular representation of the typical Mediterranean landscape. From Positano to Pompeii, passing through Amalfi, Ravello and Sorrento: a journey to discover flavors, stories and joy!

The Amalfi Coast has unique landscapes: the mountains overlooking the sea and the houses are built along the cliffs. The effect is overwhelming, perhaps this is the reason why poets and writers of all time have found the inspiration for their masterpieces in these incredible places.

The whole coastline is worth visiting, but you can not avoid choosing Positano and Pompeii among the first most important destinations of your trip to Southern Italy.

Travelling from Positano to Pompei

Those who are not used to drive in these places, find difficult to drive among the tiny streets close to the sea of Amalfi Coast. Some get be a little scared. For this reason, when traveling from Positano to Pompeii, it is always advisable to contact local drivers who are familiar with every small road on the coast.

As transfer professionals on the Amalfi Coast, at Positano Car Service we try to guarantee our customers the best possible experience: not only by selecting efficient drivers, but also by offering the best car services, competent English speaking guides, tips and free wifi.

Pompeii Ruins have an incredible vocational power, and feeling free to visit some of the most incredible places on earth and being able to rely on professional drivers, will help you to focus only on local attractions and culture during your stay. Everything without stress and long lines behind buses and trains.

Traveling from Positano to Pompeii can be one of the most amazing experiences you have ever imagined! We are ready to bet that you will fall in love with what you’ll see, and if you allow us to accompany you, you will have a wonderful baggage of memories at the end of your stay!