Positano to Naples airport trasfer

You have been organising your vacation in Southern Italy for a long time. Planning the details, the places you want to visit, the restaurants you would like to eat, the shops where you would like to buy something typical to bring home a souvenir of your Italian trip. While everything seems feasible and organizable in detail, you have noticed however that it may not be entirely comfortable to reach the Positano Coast from Naples Airport. There are several solutions, this is certain, and they work pretty well. The possibilities available vary greatly: there is public transport (such as trains and buses), shuttle buses, car sharing services, and maritime transport to end up with the most comfortable means of transport ever: a car rental with an expert private driver! In this way, you will not only avoid the problem of the place where you will arrive but you will not even have to worry about tiredness after your trip (by plane or train or both) because you will be entrusted with the care of our highly qualified staff. You will not have any problem with timetables because you will only decide on pickup time. Just tell us where you want to meet our driver and you will meet him with a sign in your hand with your name written!


Private car transfer from Positano Coast to Naples

But, by analysing the various possibilities, it is immediately clear that public transport, as in every part of the world, requires precision, flexibility and adaptation skills. The traveller raises the risks of possible delays due to traffic or crowding in office time, for example. This can also cause delays in the coincidence of their journey to Naples from Positano and the Amalfi Coast. So if your goal is to travel comfortably and not be afraid to lose your coincidences and especially your flight, you can safely choose a Positano to Naples airport transfer.

Naples airport is approximately 65 km from Positano and on average by public transport, you will need to consider at least 3 hours to reach the airport. With a private transfer from Positano to the airport instead, you will spend more or less an hour and a half while during the day you can enjoy breathtaking views and all the comfort of our vehicles. In fact, you can choose which types of vehicle suits your needs, depending on the number of passengers or your small vices. If you need a stopover during the trip, there will be no problem: just tell our staff! This will allow you to end your vacation in the most fashionable way, with no stress or uncomfortable transfers with too many luggage. It is not uncommon to have more luggage than those you could carry: the small artisan handkerchiefs of the Coastline are much more inviting than you expect and you will not be able to withstand the temptation to bring gifts to all your loved ones!

What remains to be said then? Book now your transfer from Positano to Naples airport and conveniently reach your flight!