Positano Pompeii Shore Excursion, the best way to move around

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If you are going to have a cruise that will lead you to the top areas of Italy, you are probably going to stop by Amalfi Coast. This area is full of magnificent views: the vertical town of Positano, Pompeii, and all the other main attractions laying along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast. So if you are stopping by these top-rated destinations, do not miss the chance to experience a Positano Pompeii Shore Excursion.

The Shore Excursion formula allows cruisers to discover new cities in comfort, with a professional driver leading them around and no need to worry about transportation and time schedule.

Let’s get to know these destinations: Positano Pompeii and Amalfi Coastal towns a little bit better!

Positano Pompeii and Amalfi Coast


Positano is very peculiar, the architecture of the city is very different from the big European capital cities: its taste is very old fashion Italian style, with the houses built close to one another and, all the sea restaurants and the small boutiques. Positano suggests quiet, and peace. Maybe, for this reason, is that artists, writers and painters have been attracted by Positano.

On the other part, about an hour of distance from Positano, another of the great touristic destination continue to gain more and more success. We are talking about Pompeii, a city where not just the landscapes and the views are interesting, but where culture and history meet together.
The volcanic eruption of the volcano Vesuvio covered an entire city in ashes, revealing what daily life was like during that age.

Not just a Positano Pompeii Shore Excursion, you can find rich tour formulas that will allow you to get the best of the coast from the time you have at your disposal.

An example? Positano Pompeii Shore Excursion

With this service in particular you can visit in one day the highlights of the areas, and still get back in time and relax for your next cruise destination.