Positano and its historical towers

Anyone who thinks about Positano inevitably ends up with a view images in his head: the Positano fashion, the beaches of Positano and the amazing sea of the Amalfi Coast. In fact this magnificent reality offers much more to discover for those who want to enjoy a „traditional“ sight seeing tour.

There are numerous interesting monuments to visit, full of history from various decades.

Among those, the most interesting ones are probably the remains of the Torre di guardia (watchtower), that in ancient times were used as an observation point trying to prevent invasions of pirates or other enemies. Whenever the tower of Positano is mentioned, it is like talking about an important part of the town’s history because it testifies very well the crucial problem in the past: the constant fear of Saracens landing on the Amalfi Coast.

Of special interest is also the Torre della Sponda (Coastline Tower) located in the upper area above Positano’s Marina Grande. Currently empty, it was demobilized in 1758 and then, from 1817, it became a private residence.

Tower Trasita is located halfway along the path leading from Marina Grande to Fornillo beach and, according to a widespread opinion, it owes its name to the area in which arose.

The „youngest“ among Positano’s towers is the Torre di Fornillo, constructed in the 15th century. Like the other two it was demobilized in 1758 and sold in 1817. In 1930, however, it was restored.

Last but not least there are the remains of a tower on the Li Galli isles, that was from a notable importance because of its position: it actually had a castellan, a figure that became an attraction for celebrities who owned the tower from 1920s.