Pompeii private tours: the most comfortable way to visit Pompeii ruins

Naples area is a land full of treasures, a great concentration of activities and places that will amaze you. Mountains to hike, sea, beaches, unique food and wine, history and culture. By choosing your accommodation in Naples or one of the surrounding towns of the region, you can visit a great number or beauties with just a day trip. If you chose to explore Campania, you can’t certainly miss one of the most relevant historical sites in the whole world: Pompeii.

“On Sunday we went to Pompeii again. There have been many disasters in this world, but few which have given so much delight to posterity, and I have seldom seen anything so interesting. The houses small and windowless but their rooms, passages and arcades are gaily painted. The city gate and the avenue of tombs are unusual. There is one tomb of a priestess, shaped like a semicircular bench and with an inscription carved in large letters on its stone back. As I looked over it, I saw the sun setting into the sea. A wonderful place, worthy of peaceful thoughts.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832) – “Italian Journey”, 1816.

The importance of all the findings in Pompeii ruins has been tremendous since 1748, when the excavations began; and they have never stopped until today. In a twist of fate, the Mount Vesuvius was terribly cruel and destroyed the town’s life entirely in one day in 79 AD, but at the same time, it made Pompeii eternal. The lava and ashes have kept the remains of the town almost intact, including private houses, frescoes, statues, temples, the amphitheatre, even bodies.

Pompeii is not just an open-air museum, it’s the real experience of walking in a city in Roman Empire in 79 AD.


The best way to reach Pompeii ruins

To reach Pompeii from Naples or from the Amalfi Coast, you don’t have many choices. You might join a bus group tour, but you will have to adjust to their schedule. If you chose public transportation, you’ll have to be prepared for delays, queues, crowds, and a not very comfortable journey.

There is no doubt, that the most comfortable and convenient way to visit Pompeii is with a private car: you will have total freedom to choose the time of departure from your accommodation, and how long you wish to take for your visit at Pompeii ruins, and you will have an English speaking driver who will be able to give you all the information you may need during your journey.


Pompeii ruins: recommendations and tips

Get ready for your day trip by wearing comfortable shoes and a hat: the site is very large and most of it is outdoors.

If you can, request a tour guide to walk you through the site (not included): it’s a great way to learn a lot about the ruins and the ancient life of Pompeii before the disaster.

Get a map of the site at the entrance, especially if you don’t have a tour guide: some of the main and best-preserved things are located in different parts of the city and they are well indicated in the map.

Don’t miss the Pompeii must-see attractions: the plaster casts of victims’ bodies in the Garden of the Fugitives and in the warehouse; the House of the Faun, the biggest among the Roman private houses and villas; a walk in the Forum, the main Pompeii’s square and location of the Temple of Apollo; the Thermal Baths and the Lupanar (one of the brothels), that will give you a significant idea of Roman social life and habits during free time.


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