Naples to Ravello, the info you need

How is far Ravello from Naples

Ravello is for sure a city of incredible splendor that deserves a visit. Not far from Naples, it is a city on the Amalfi Coast distant about 25 km from Positano and about 55 km from Naples.

The city is well known for being quieter than other main cities of Amalfi Coast, and with the music and artistic events taking place each year, it is for sure one of the favorite destinations of nature and art lovers.

In Ravello there is much to see, Villa Rufolo, for example, is one of the top 10 main attraction of Amalfi Coast, a truly breathtaking place with a rich and colored garden located in front of the sea.

How to get to Ravello from Naples

Which is the best way from Naples to Ravello? There are many things to consider; how you want to travel? Do you prefer a quick ride or a bus experience? Let’s find out some useful info you could use for your next Italian Dream!

How to get from Naples airport to Ravello

Reaching Amalfi and then move to Ravello is probably the best option if you are taking public transportation. Once in Amalfi is easier to take a SITA bus to Ravello.

Another way to get to Ravello from Naples is via Salerno. First, take a SITA bus from Naples to Salerno, then a bus from Salerno to Amalfi, and finally another bus from Amalfi to Ravello.

Another way to go is by taking a train and a bus; you could go via Salerno with a train from Napoli Centrale to Salerno, and then take a SITA bus to Amalfi and then another from Amalfi to Ravello.

From Naples Airport Capodichino you could go to Naples Stazione Centrale and by Alibus (20-30 minutes) and then opt for the Circumvesuviana, the way is pretty long and there is the risk of an endless queue if you are traveling in high season. You should take the Circumvesuviana from Napoli Centrale station in direction to Sorrento and once there you should take two buses: first, from Sorrento to Amalfi and finally another from Amalfi to Ravello.

Best way to get from Naples airport to Ravello

As you saw the way from Naples to Ravello is not that easy even though the cities are not so far one from the other. The road that connects the two points is not that easy to travel, so is you think a car is the best way to move around, you are not wrong, but consider that for those who are unfamiliar with this road driving is not suggested.

From Naples to Ravello the better way to travel includes a professional driver and a private transfer that brings you safely and without any stress to your destination.

And be aware that by car you have another advantage: the road is incredibly beautiful and on your way, you’ll pass cities as Amalfi and Atrani if you are going via Sorrento, and if you are going via Salerno the landscapes will be no less beautiful passing the cities of Cetara, Maiori, and Minori.