Naples to Positano car service: easy way to arrive at destination

Time has come to leave the routine behind you. Everyday life is about to take a break; your holidays are starting in few days and you are literally counting the hours that separates you from your next flight.

If this year you chose to spend your holidays in Naples and visit the Amalfi coast you heard so much talking about, you might find useful few tips we can provide you.

Discover magical places

First, you should know that you’ll get to know one of the elderly town in the world. Take the time to visit it properly. Every street, person and object will seem to tell you all aloud about Naples history and cultural heritage. Pay attention and you’ll discover a really particular reality.

Probably you’re already dreaming about warm weather, hot sun on your skin and the sound of the waves in your ears. Than you have to consider that all around Naples you can find a seemingly endless tale of cities and villages on the Amalfi coast that will let you astonished.

Positano is definitely a one important piece of this magical line of land. It is distant about 59 km from Naples, 59 really suggestive km indeed, but as well pretty difficult to drive on for people who’s not familiar with the serpentine and narrow street that runs along the sea. Positano is a piece of art. You’ll see how the city seems to emerge directly from the stones creating what looks like an illusion for its uniqueness.

How to reach Positano from Naples

You should be aware that not just the curvy street represents an obstacle, as a matter of fact the public transports are not really reliable; very often they are so crowded you cannot even get in and night routes are not provided. The best way to explore the coast and Positano from Naples is for sure to use a reliable car service.

If you are coming from the airport, the train station or you spent time in Naples and you would like to have a safe journey from your hotel you can count on our car service to reach Positano. We can provide you a car among our exclusive selection. A professional driver will come picking you up and will give you explanations and curiosities about the land while you are on the way. You can take short stops to take some pictures and memories to show to your friends back home, and live the journey without any concern.

Start planning all the things you would like to see and be aware that Positano, as all the cities you will encounter on the way, represents an excellence for what concerns food. Enjoy the sea, the sun and the streets with all the comforts.

If you are travelling with friends, we inform you that we have at our disposal vans that will allow you all to share your journey experience. We can organize even transfers for a high number of people.

In case your trip in Italy is a romantic Tête-à-tête and you don’t want to share your experience with anybody,  we provide a rent a car service; you can drive yourself one of our Smart, available both with 2 or 4 seats.

Please check our page and find out the best fitting solution for you: Naples to Positano car service