Luci d’Artista Salerno: the unique appointment with the Christmas light in Campania

Luci d’Artista is an incredible appointment for all Christmas lovers in Salerno. A true spectacle of light design and creativity that recalls thousands of tourists from all over the world. Now considered a traditional part of Christmas in Campania, the so-called luminarie di Salerno have quickly become one of the most exciting times and a must-see in Campania during the winter season.

When to see Luci d’Artista in Salerno: the dates

Salerno lights will be on from December 2nd until January 29th. The entire city lightens up every day during this period, starting from 5 pm. Every corner or square of Salerno spread joy and Christmas spirit. Salerno luminarie are just stunning and surprising: every year, something new is added, and artists always look for new ways to astonish the audience through the most original creations.
All people that are environmentally aware and might be worried about the consumption of light installations can be reassured: in fact, everywhere in the city, there are low-consumption lights.

How much does it cost to see Salerno luminarie

Salerno Luci d’Artista is free and open to anyone who wants to enjoy its stunning views. You won’t need bookings or tickets to get in. Just walk around and enjoy Salerno, the magic atmosphere, and the local markets.

What to see

Coming to its XVII edition, the great news and coming back of this season include the majestic Christmas tree that cost 210 thousands euros. Above the 20 meters and with more than 70 thousand lights, the iconic tree is in Piazza Portanova and will be one of the most expected and loved Salerno light installations.
From December 10th to January 7th, just behind the Salerno post office, you can find Santa house in Piazza Dante, a little more south than you expected! This is a perfect place to go with your family and kids. A truly magical experience that will allow your children to give Santa Clouse their Christmas wishes and take an unforgettable picture.
In addition to the lights shows, there is so much more Salerno offers its visitors this Christmas! Many concerts, events, and live shows for a truly unique calendar this winter season. Among them is the Capodanno in Piazza, featuring Negramaro, one of the best music bands in Italy nowadays.
The entire event calendar is online on the city site and can be downloaded easily. Many spectacles featuring the best Italian artists await: Salerno Jazz Orchestra and Casanova Swing Band, Fabio Concato, the talented actor Peppe Barra.

How to get to Luci d’Artista in Salerno

Depending on where you are departing from, you can choose among different ways to get to Salerno the best way possible. If you are going by public transportation, be aware that services are only guaranteed at some times during the night. You might go by train with Italo, Trenitalia or Metropolitana, but consider timetables: Salerno lights are switched on from 5 pm, and if you want to have a nice relaxed walk while discovering a new place and its uniqueness, maybe better to rely on private transportation.
For example, you can get to Salerno from Naples or other places in Campania by private chauffeur transfer. The street connecting Naples to Salerno is just stunning to see. This way, you won’t have to worry about a thing and will be able to enjoy the city and your time at its best fully.
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