Italian street food: what you cannot miss in Amalfi Coast

Best Italian street food in Amalfi Coast and Campania region

Amalfi Coast is extraordinary not only for its breathtaking landscapes, but especially for what concerns food. Food in Italy is a precious topic, something related to the concept of identity, that in all the Italian regions is expressed in many different ways, and from the most know pasta bowls comes to the best Italian street food: the one you cannot miss trying once you are in Amalfi Coast!

If you have never stopped by an Italian carretto street food, you should definitely try this experience on your next italian stay. The tradition of street food in Italy goes beyond the celebrated pizza. Have you ever tried the so called arancini? Even if this recipe is from Sicily, it has entered the traditional pieces of fried Campanian fast food. Arancini are rice balls filled with meat, peas, cheese, eggplant and tomatoes. A perfect example of Italian taste at 1 € for piece!

And what about Panzerotti? They are made with potatoes and can include tomato and mozzarella. No argue: Italians love panzerotti and even tourists agree, no doubt that they are simply delicious!

Italian street food: taste discovery

Have you ever heard of Cuoppo Napoletano? It is a cone of fried food with a mix of things: you can find panzerotti and arancini, but also fried fish (which is exquisite in this area). It is a legacy of italian food tradition. Among the things you could find in a Cuoppo Napoletano there are fried mozzarella croquettes and fried meat.

Every corner of the city hides a nice and characteristic place where you can enjoy a culinary specialty. The choice is wide: from the typical dishes of the Neapolitan tradition, to the most exotic dishes.

We mentioned it already, but fried pizza is the queen of street food. This product is so important for this city that in Naples was invented the way to say “pizza a portafoglio” (wallet pizza): a take away pizza, precisely, to be folded like a wallet and eat bites while walking around the alleys of the city. Here’s where to eat them: No, wait … Where to eat a “pizza a portafoglio”? Virtually everywhere!