Hiking on the Amalfi Coast: the Ferriere Valley

The Ferriere Valley is one of the most famous hikes on the Amalfi Coast. It is a wonderful path, known in every corner of the world, which winds through beautiful woodlands, sources, small waterfalls and several rapids of the river Rio Canneto. Its water was once used as a source of energy for the paper mills, the ruins of which are still visible and visited. They produced there the Amalfi paper, a very fine kind of paper, very famous still today.

You can easily reach the path on foot from Amalfi, in about one hour walk. To start this walk, go inland up to the main street in Amalfi. After all the shops of the village, you will find some stairs which will take you up to the hills. This is the most exhausting part of the walk, but straight off the stairs, the rest is a breeze. You will find the small village of Pogerola, a wonderful place to relax yourself and have a break enjoying the view. The way continues inland along the mountains, weaving in and out of woods, streams and waterfalls, and constantly opening up to stunning views of the valley and the coast. Now and then, you can encounter flocks of goats passing by.

The second half of the walk leads to the villages of Ravello and Scala, with their houses nestled among terraced gardens and lemon groves, and views of the Mediterranean sea.
Along the path, you will run into the ancient Ferriera, from which the valley takes its name, that supplied iron to the Ancient Maritime Republic of Amalfi. Moreover, in the valley there are so many plants of great interest from a naturalistic point of view, some of them are very uncommon.

A must for this place is to wear comfortable walking shoes, to shoulder a rucksack and to go behind your camera to capture the details the valley of Ferriere will offer you.