Four Amalfi Coast Towns To See

Getting to know the Amalfi Coast can be an incredible experience. There are plenty of villas, terraces, and shopping opportunities in the cliff-top villages. Indeed this area of Italy has something for everybody. This place, overlooking the Salerno Gulf, is famous for its art, culture history, and stunning landscape.

Four Must-Visit Cities

The benefit of staying in a town on the Amalfi Coast is that you can explore all the nearby villages and cities at your leisure. They are pretty close, and you may hire a vehicle or rely on a chauffeur service.


The town has experienced a prosperous history and dates back to Roman times. Thanks to the closeness to the sea, Amalfi has a great maritime background, with different victories over the years. Amalfi port turned eventually into a significant attraction for tourists that have come soak up the atmosphere by exploring the roads looking at the town’s impressive cathedral.


Positano is among the cities on this part of the shore. It is an incredibly photogenic location, with its crystal waters and intriguing colored houses perched on the cliff. Positano has a Saracen church with a dome and towers, which are worth visiting. Enthusiasts will love this shopping harbor! With all kinds of crafts and lace sandals, Positano is home to beautiful boutiques. The city offers tasty local dishes, such as the Positanese Cake made with chocolate and almonds.


Visit Atrani, a very suggestive fishing village with beautiful shores to add something special to your stay. San Salvatore’s church is located in the village center, and it is definitely worth a visit. A good number of the Amalfi villas are near Atrani, and a few are within walking distance.


This city is a spot to escape the crowds and get some rest. The city is packed with alleyways, altars and staircases that rise up the mountainside. Praiano was once the favorite holiday destination of the aristocracy of this region. Of course, the church would be the primary feature, but Torre A Mare (the Tower of the Sea) is one of the main attractions that offers magnificent viewpoints.