Finding Art And Culture Of The Amalfi Coast

Discovering Amalfi Coast culture

Italy is a country very much loved by tourists. In the last decades, the number of people coming from all over the globe has incredibly raised, and more and more people seem to prefer this destination to enjoy their vacations.

It is interesting to note that not only cities such as Venice, Florence or Rome have a massive number of tourists, but South Italy is very popular as well.

Among the most attractive destinations of Southern Italy there is the Amalfi Coast. Crystalline sea, fantastic meals, beautiful landscapes: there are many reasons why Amalfi Coast has attained such a great number of tourists.

If you would like to relax and revel in the rhythm of the southerns’lifestyle, you can take the opportunity to see one of the Amalfi Coast most beautiful cities, Positano. Whether you’re a swimmer or a shopaholic, Positano is the location for you!

Positano is well-known for its hippy-chic and lavish clothing stores, where you can purchase the outfit that is right for the atmosphere of the Amalfi Coast. If you would like to find the artwork of Positano’s artisans, you can not skip a visit to the local stores where you can purchase elegant and unique pieces of pottery!

Positano will provide you the opportunity of staying in incredible lodgings: luxurious resorts and people ready to meet your requests, this is exactly what you may find if you’re searching for a stay in Positano!

Hotels in Positano are famous for the hospitality given to their guests. Facilities like swimming pool and hot tub can be found easily, together with many other services that Positano provides.

Each city of the Amalfi Coast offers its culture and many monuments that deserve a visit. Every building has its own form, colour and disposition. The Churches have paintings, statues and columns, altars are decorated with beautiful mosaics.

A huge part of Amalfi Coast tradition is the food: the veggies are served when in season and  cooked in the proper Italian way. The agriculture of olive trees can be viewed in all the cities and each of the restaurant of Amalfi Coast serves local ingredients cooked with local olive oil, so be certain to enjoy good meal there!

One more suggestion: wine, limoncello and mozzarella cannot miss in your vacation and you could experience a a proper food experience in Amalfi coast with a guided tour.