Christmas time in the Amalfi Coast: charm is everywhere

Every year, the Amalfi Coast is touched by the magic of the festivities in the run-up to Christmas. All the villages of the Coast celebrate this period of the year in a singular and typical way, the squares and the alleys are illuminated with suggestive lights and different nativity scenes and colored Christmas trees are set up everywhere. All the Amalfi Coast looks like a big nativity scene, indeed.

Let’s have a look now at the way in which the main villages get ready for Christmas.


In Piazza dei Mulini (Mulini Square) every year a Christmas market is opened with people selling local products such as funny Christmas tree decorations, wooden objects, refined glass or pottery creations. Do not miss on Christmas Eve the procession to the nativity scene which is set up in the natural Grotto of Fornillo by the residents and the New Year’s Eve concert on the main beach of the town.


A lot of time ago, some Italian divers created a ceramic nativity and put it to the bottom of the Emerald Grotto. Since then, every Christmas Eve a group of divers go to the undersea nativity scene and put the Child’s sculpture down.

On Christmas Eve there is another event too: the “Calata della Stella” (the Star fall): at midnight a big comet made with lighted torches climbs down from the mountains to the Amalfi Cathedral; as soon as it arrives to the church, the bells sound, the believers come in and the Holy Mass starts. This event repeats on Epiphany day.


On Christmas Eve, everybody goes in the main square at sunrise to have breakfast together with coffee and cappuccino but, above all, to exchange traditional sweets, such as ‘roccocò’, ‘zeppole’ and ‘mostaccioli’.