Chauffeur car service to Positano makes the difference in your travel!

The Amalfi Coast is a small treasure located between the rocks overlooking the sea! Not by chance, it’s one of the most famous locations in the world. However, like all the treasures… it’s not easy to reach!

These places are in fact accessible only by a road made of many curves overlooking the sea. Public transport to get here consist mainly of bus lines. By making changes, including ferries and hydrofoils and extending the waiting times, the Coast can still be reached by public transport. Of course, maybe adding a little stress to your trip and giving up on comfort anyway. It’s certainly uncomfortable travelling by public transport with all luggage.

No traffic and parking stress!

Furthermore, traffic and parking problems must also be considered. Often, traffic is very intense, especially on certain days of the week and periods of the year. Free parking spaces are virtually non-existent and they are still far away from city centres. Among other things, you have to keep in mind that the cost of parking is hardly lower than 5 euro per hour and that the street car-parks are of course reserved for residents.

Have you considered these things when you decided to visit the Amalfi Coast? In the light of all that we have said, the best way to reach these cute, small villages is by car. But not yours, for sure! A nice comfortable car equipped with every comfort and a driver!

Yes! This is the most comfortable way to reach Positano and the Amalfi Coast from Naples. In this way, you will no longer have to worry about the stress of travelling. You will no longer have to deal with finding an available parking lot that’s not too far away. You will not even be those who have to wait stuck in traffic for hours, extending the journey with exhausting downtime.

You will be the ones who can enjoy the landscapes from the rear seats of a comfortable car driven by an experienced chauffeur.

Your worries end at the very moment you choose a private driver from Naples to Positano! If you are wondering how to do it if you’re travelling with friends or family, don’t worry! Our fleet offers a wide selection of vehicles, all with a great standard and equipped with all amenities.
So you will travel comfortably regardless of how large your group is.

Chauffeur car service for business people

By the way, more and more business people choose a chauffeur car service, especially in places like Positano. They need to reach the business meetings and want to present themselves to their partners in the best way.
Once you get to the airport, you just have to get off the plane, meet our driver and get in your car. Then for an hour and a half, you can relax with your loved ones or you can concentrate on your next business meeting!
Book now your chauffeur car service for Positano and enjoy all the time of your trip!