Car service from Naples to Positano: choose the best way to get to Positano

Italy’s incredible charm is appreciated all over the world, especially when we talk about Positano in the Amalfi Coast. Even a car service from Naples to Positano – if you pick a good choice – can be an even better experience than you expected!

car service from naples airport to positano

Car service from Naples airport to Positano

The curvy road that connects Naples Airport to Positano is particularly narrow and not easy to drive on for those who are not familiar with the area.

Sure, the experience can be amazing: looking at all the incredible panoramas you’ll pass through, will be a totally fulfilling experience.

If you are willing to book a car to drive, be aware that in addition to the difficult street, there is another thing to concern about: there are few free parking, so put your rented car in proper parking could be incredibly expensive!

Our suggestion? Car service from Naples to Positano allows you to have a truly relaxed experience enjoying fully the views and the incredible nature of the coast.

Naples airport is approximately 65 km from Positano and by choosing public transport, you might take 3 hours to reach the airport.

Car service from Naples train station to Positano

If you coming from another city to Garibaldi Station (the main train station in Naples) you have different choices to pick up from.

Once you get to the central station, if you want to reach Positano by public transportation, you’ll need to switch to the Circumvesuviana directed to Sorrento.

Before you plan your transfers, consider that during high season the Circumvesuviana is often on delay and very crowded.

By choosing a car service from Naples to Positano you’ll find immediate comfort once you get to the train station. A professional driver will be waiting for you and will accompany you safely on a very special journey.

Car service from Positano to Naples airport

And once the holiday is over? For how sad finishing vacations might be, you can end your Italian Days in Positano in a very precious way: after exploring and discovering, you can have a comfortable back home that starts with reaching Naples Airport by car with an experienced English speaking driver.

You’ll carry home all the relax and the energies you’ll have recharged during your holidays.

Always rely on professional and experienced driving companies to have a truly pleasant journey. Find more information here: car service from Naples to Positano.