Cabs in Positano

Are Cabs the best way to move around in Positano?

If you are planning a stay in Naples or Positano for your holidays there are plenty of activities that you might consider doing. Among restaurants, beaches and the finest shops for fashion and art, you’ll soon find out that the whole area deserves time and comfort to be explored at its best. If you have in mind a truly magical experience, better to plan something in advance, this way you’ll be able to avoid any bad surprises on your way. The first thing to consider is transportation. If you want to move around and get to know Positano and close towns at the best, you might want to look for cabs in Positano. However, cabs can be pretty expensive on the Amalfi Coast. The best solution is to hire a private local driver who can give you precious information and suggestions on the way.

Cabs in Positano: pros and cons

As said, taxi can be expensive. Also, considering the period you are traveling, the road can be trafficked, implying a more extended time for your journey and higher prices. The advantage of hiring a personal driver, or book a transfer with a reliable company, is that no extra charges will be added. You pay in advance, and even if it takes longer than expected to get to your destination, you won’t be charged for it.

If you are coming from Naples Airport or Bus Station, experienced and helpful drivers will be already waiting for you at the moment you arrive. No worries needed in case of delayed flights or trains, your driver will be monitoring for you your arrival and will be ready to welcome you as soon as you arrive.

Booking a private transfer has another main advantage: it is a stress-free experience!

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