Amalfi Coast’s paths: a walk between sky and sea

When the Amalfi route (formally SS163), the popular route that goes down the Amalfi Coast wasn’t built yet, farmers and merchants used paths surrounded by nature to move from one place of the coast to another. After the SS163 was finally built, those paths were no longer used, but nowadays it is still possible to walk them giving the chance to the trekking and outdoor walking lovers to live a unique and different experience based on tranquility, avoiding the chaos of the tourist places often crowded.

Actually, if you want to hike along the Amalfi Coast, you can choose among four different paths.

Path of the Gods

Path of the Gods is definitely the most known among all of the paths of the Amalfi Coast and it connects the city of Agerola with Nocelle, a hamlet of Positano. Its name is not a coincidence because the landscapes you will enjoy are amazing making it divine. There are two paths: a “high” path and a “low” path, both accessible, but we suggest you to walk the low path because it goes downhill so you will admire the sight of the entire coast and Capri Island. The itinerary is not very difficult but our advice is to avoid the heat of the day especially during summertime considering that trees do not cover the path. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes suitable for trekking, use a sun protection and, most importantly, do not forget to bring food and water.

Punta Campanella

Punta Campanella is the last village of the Sorrento peninsula and it is the bridge to the Amalfi Coast. Punta campanella owes its name to a bell placed on top of a tower built in 1300 in order to sound an alarm audible by the other towers along the coast in case Saracen arrived from the sea. The path is flat and easily walkable and its territory is full of history and legend. Stretch your ears: according to Homer’s Odyssey here there were the Sirens that charmed Ulysses, and this has always been a sacred place for the Greeks, given that to Punta Campanella there was the temple of the goddess Athena.The path presents a crossroads and along one of the two roads you will arrive at the plain of Punta Campanella where you can admire a Saracen tower and the ruins of Minerva sanctuary.

From Maiori at the shrine of Avvocata

Unless you are pervaded by faith, avoid Whit Monday, when the faithful climb from Maiori 800 meters uphill that lead to the fifteenth-century Sanctuary of Avvocata, on the summit of Monte Cliff.

In all the other days of the year this trail is not just good for a relaxing stroll after lunch, but it has views: part from the Scalinata di Via Casale Alto at Maiori and you walk up to the water source of chestnut.

Left citrus groves and vineyards it crosses a plateau until Grottone, a cave overlooking a ravine, and continues up to the Shrine with its view over the whole of the Gulf of Salerno.

Ziro Tower

This walk, which starts from the city of Pontone, allows those who decide to embark on this path, to jump into the past in one of the landmarks of the history of Amalfi, while enjoying the natural beauty of the coast. Ziro Tower is one of the many towers scattered along the Amalfi coast, which was used to spot from a distance any assaults from the sea, and it is known because it was also the scene of a clandestine love affair ended in tragedy. In early 1500, in this tower was locked Giovanna d’Aragona with her children. After the death of her husband Alfonso Piccolomini, Duke of Amalfi, Giovanna began an affair with Antonio Beccadelli, the household steward which caused a major scandal. For this reason, Giovanna’s brothers decided to lock her in the tower with her children who were later murdered.

These are only four of the many paths you can choose from but whatever will be the path you will walk, we can assure you it will be worth it!