Amalfi Coast in Spring?

Is it worth visiting Italy in spring? Spring, for sure, is a charming period of the year with a renovated life blooming everywhere.

It’s easy to understand why Amalfi Coastline is called the most beautiful in Italy, and during the spring period the crystal clear water and the quaint villages for many people are even more enjoyable than in summer!

How’s that?

You probably know that the high season in Amalfi Coast covers the months between June and September. During that time the narrow streets of Amalfi Coast are clogged with traffic and prices are more expensive, there are many good sides in visiting Amalfi Coast in Spring.

Weather in Spring in Amalfi Coast

In springtime, hotels are incredibly cheaper while the weather is already delightful, and it’s a likable situation to swim in the sea in April or May.

The fresh air sparks scent of flowers and the sunlight is perfect for sunbathing!

Spring offers many activities like hiking or walking tours without the negative sides of hot weather. Enjoying the magnificent spots of Amalfi Coast without your ice cream melting before you say “Buongiorno” can be very lovely and exciting.

Another positive side:

The joy of spring

From March to May, the season is quiet, and locals are buzzing with the euphoria of spring. You can feel the enthusiasm and the vivaciousness of the Coast strongly and have a bigger bite of the local life.

In addition, on the Coast everything seems magical in springtime: the landscape is colored with the bright purple and pink of roses and cyclamen flowers. Thyme and other herbs bring a new fragrance to the air.

Enjoying the local architecture and artwork

In Amalfi Coast you can find more than natural landscapes: there are many buildings of splendid architecture! Not that you couldn’t visit them in the summertime, but sometimes having to jostle for space to get a view of something can be frustrating, and during summer, Amalfi Coast can be very crowded.

So if you haven’t already, you should definitely consider living your spring dream on Amalfi Coast!