Car service Amalfi Coast – best ways to move around

If you have never visited Amalfi coast before, you might not know, but the whole coast is a string of panoramic views, a land of mountains that give their faces to the blue sea. The old age of these towns and villages is evident. White and colored buildings are covered up by flowers in a perfect blend of nature and architecture. The narrow streets host skillful artisans showing their works to the amazed tourists.

Amalfi Coast: not the best place to move around with public transport

Actually, you should know that moving with public transports can be pretty tiring and you’ll have probably to choose just a couple of all the places nearby to visit. Indeed, train transfers cover just some areas, keeping unreachable many towns along the coast. Of course you could take a bus but you risk to have a really crowded journey, also, often there are delays and that could maybe trouble you. You should know as well that you cannot buy your ticket on board and that night routes are not available.  What’s sure is that you are in one really splendid piece of Mediterranean, one of the most beautiful coast in the whole world. Are you sure you want to give up the chance to live your holiday at the best and compromise to what public transfers can offer?

You can use our set of different solutions to avoid any problem and limitation. No need to check the watch every now and than, no need to hurry running after the last train to come back at the hotel, not during the holidays you have been waiting so long! With our services you have the freedom to enjoy properly and completely your Amalfi Coast adventure.

Depending on how many people you are travelling with, and considering the kind of experience you would like to have, you can decide for the car service you like the most.  We are certain you will find the right solution from the alternatives we have available. Our staff is reliable and can carry you around safely in one of our exclusive cars. Your journey time can be as pleasant as you imagined.

Choose a guided Amalfi Coast tour or book a car service with private driver

We have 35 comfortable vehicles to choose among. Imagine how relaxing has to be going around at the discovery of a new land while friendly informed locals tell you all about the beauties you are looking at! That’s an important part of what we do; transfer our knowledge about Amalfi to our visitors!

If you are with family or friends you can choose to go for our vans; this way you’ll have the opportunity to share opinions and impressions with your friends on the way, and everything could turn even funnier.

We have different options for couple, small and large group, and you have the opportunity to go for guided tours available in many different solutions.
Check here: Amalfi tours and select the solution that fits you the best. You can as well choose to book a car service transfer with private drivers. You will feel pampered and loose. Check out our Amalfi transfer solutions.

If you want to spend your vacation a bit more privately, you might want to rent a car to share just with your partner or friends. You could rent a car for your own and even in this case you can count on us. We have Smart with both 2 or 4 seats available. This kind of car will give you the opportunity to easily find parking space.

To rent a car check here: rent a car Amalfi

Melt your troubles away and choose the best way to live your Amalfi coast adventure!