Life is like a book” someone said, and if you haven’t travelled in Positano and Amafi Coast with us, you missed reading good chapters of your book!

In a time full of social networks, where you can see people experiences and looking at their pictures very easily. How this affect your life?

Don’t you feel that you should have your own part of irreplaceable memories?

That’s why our company, Positano Car Service, made a difference in all these years of experience, dealing with hundreds of travelers from all over.

Positano Car Service company was founded in 1985 by a small group of partners that worked in tourism, since there we worked through good and less good years, not just surviving but becoming even stronger!

This testifies our strong ethics, complete dedication and love for what we do. But what is what we really do?

We want you to become part of our world and, if you wish be ourselves part of your.

In all these years and with all the great memories we had, we have never forgotten what’s our mission: let you live these incredible places at the best, give you a stress free stay, without unwelcome surprises.

Thank you for dedicating your time and your attention in our services and in reading my words.

P.S.  Another important thing: we’re native of Positano! And we know our area by heart!

See you soon!

Yours sincerely,

Gaetano Casola
President of Positano Car Service Company


Positano Car Service with his wide range of services, liability and professional high qualified staff has been awarded by the most important italian and international tourism associates. Positano Car Service has currently over 35 modern, comfortable and safe vehicles available for private transfer in Positano and for your tours in Amalfi Coast.