A hidden gem: the town of Tramonti

An insight

Probably one of the most unspoiled and off-the-beaten paths spots of the whole Amalfi coast, Tramonti is completely set between the Lattari mountains and sorrounded by several terrace-shaped fields that contribute consistently to create a rather old-fashioned bucolic atmosphere. The various cultivations of vineyards, lemon trees and olive trees also constitute an important part when you glance at the landscape.

The town itself

Tramonti consists of 13 villages scattered across the small valleys: Novella, Gete, Ponte, Campinola, Corsano, Cesarano, Pietre, Capitignano, Figline, Paterno Sant’Arcangelo, Paterno Sant’Elia and Polvica. Some Italian historians claim that this town was built by the Picentines that were exiled by the Romans, after being conquered. During the Middle Age its inhabitants gave their contribute to the economic and political growth of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi.
Talking about the gastronomy, it’s fair to say that besides the local wines, obtained by the grapes that grow relentlessly in its several vineyards, Tramonti’s gastronomic reputation is due to the spreding of the pizza culture and art-making all around the world, since many of its inhabitants emigrated and opened fabulous and successful pizzerias.

The landmarks

Among the unmissable sites in Tramonti, there are:

  • The ruins of the Santa Maria la Nova castle, dated 1457 and built by the prince of Salerno. The fortifications are still visible and consist in ten small towers and seven bastions.
  • The Montalto castle remains, at the summit of the Montalto mount, between Tramonti and Ravello, lost in the vegetation.
  • The Sant’Erasmo church, in the village of Pucara, where it’s possbile to observe amazing paintings of Luca Giordano.
  • The Chiunzi Tower, that represented a defensive spot because of its position, from where it’s possible to look onto the Vesuvius area, as well as the agro-nocerino-sarnese one.

Those and many others are the churches and ruins that adorn the wonderful town of Tramonti and its sorroundings. So, if you are in that retiring-mood, jump out of the chaotic coastline and have a taste of that pure and genuine atmosphere in which this town is immersed.