Amalfi Coast in winter: a good idea?

Winter holidays and Amalfi Coast

Is it a good idea to visit the Amalfi Coast in winter? As always, the answer is “it depends”. If you are a lover of quiet and you appreciate the atmosphere of a “winter sea”, turning the coast without the problem of traffic and crowds can be a good idea. On the other hand, if you look for the glamorous and worldly atmosphere, it might be better to postpone your travel.
Here is some useful information on what to expect from a winter trip on the Amalfi Coast and how to get organized.

The tourist season on the Amalfi Coast ends around the first weekend of November (the so-called “bridge of the Dead”). Almost all the hotels close by this date. The seaside restaurants and the beach clubs close around mid-October, or when the weather begins to turn to the worst.

Many activities remain open in any case until after the Christmas holidays, also because in November and December the climate is still mild and ninth the beautiful and warm sunny days are missing.

How to move in the Coast during the winter?

During the winter there are not the big traffic problems that instead afflict the Amalfi Coast in the summer. It is rather easy to move in the car even if the problem of parking remains, always rather expensive given the lack of space.

Sita buses travel less frequently than in the summer, but at least there is no difficulty in finding a place.

The hydrofoil and ferry services are suspended at the end of October and then resumed at the beginning of April. But if you are considering to enjoy winter magic in Amalfi Coast you shouldn’t worry about moving around, because many companies are open to give tourists the chance to visit these magnificent places in any period. If you want to visit Amalfi Coast and take advantage of the winter time to do it in a quiet environment you can rely on Positano Car Service for your transfers among the most visited places in Amalfi Coast.

All you can desire shown to you by locals with competence and experience and with a lot to tell you about your winter destination!