Where is Positano Italy

Where is Positano Italy on the Amalfi coast

In the province of Salerno, there is a small village with incredibly wonderful and breathtaking profiles. Its name is Positano. For centuries, it has indissolubly conquered the hearts of its visitors. A real gem of the Campania region, where bends of rock overlooking the sea alternate with enchanted alleys with the scent of lemon and broom. It is also called “the vertical city” or the “wedding cake” because its unique perched shape has bright pastel colors.

Positano is a little nestled city on the Amalfi Coast, known for its colorful and picturesque coastline. It is the perfect gateway for a romantic stop or for family relax and local tour operators provide many tours to get the best of the city.

Where is Positano Italy on the Amalfi coast

Positano is located at the far end of the Amalfi Coast just south of the Sorrentine Peninsula and can be reached by car or bus via a panoramic coastal road that winds its way along the water’s edge. You can also reach Amalfi by car along the coastal highway, though parking can be hard to find and expensive. That’s why people usually choose a private transfer or rent a car with a driver.

Of all the towns on the Amalfi Coast, Positano is probably the most exclusive and the one that will leave you speechless. Its intricate streets that wind on the mountain ridge that descends to the beach are teeming with people and shops, artisan shops, artistic spaces and restaurants.

Arriving at the beach, you will find in front of you the many boats moored a few steps from the sand, enjoying the town, and from here you can also see the cascade of warm-colored houses that descend to the water, almost wedged into each other.

A visit to Positano will leave you with a beautiful memory.